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SEO & Google AdWords Certified Service Consultant With 13 Years Experience


Google AdWords Certified & SEO services consultant with 13 years experience developing and implementing SEO strategies, creating and managing Google AdWords accounts, interpreting Google Analytics traffic data, conducting sophisticated keyword & competitor research, and analyzing technical SEO audits. I provide my digital marketing services to a variety of business clients across the US.

I have experience with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, SEMrush, SpyFu, WooRank, SEOProfiler, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, HootSuite, Buffer, Screaming Frog Spider and many other tools.

I have been using the internet since before the world wide web was invented. I knew I wanted a career in the field and I enjoy my job very much. I meet great, smart people, have a lot of flexibility and sometimes it doesn’t even seem like work. I love what I do.

I will help you rank higher in Google.

SEO, Google AdWords, and Socia Media have become increasingly important to businesses and marketers. Using my knowledge, experience, mathematical and analytical skills my career has been built upon knowing which on-site, off-site and technical SEO tactics work and which ones do not and may get you penalized by Google. I am also a Google AdWords Certified Professional managing accounts with over $100k monthly spends profitably.

My Search Engine Optimization Proposal Google AdWords Proposal

Initial Analysis, Technical SEO Audit & SEO Strategy Development.
Discuss previous history, current, and future goals, demographics, competitors, successes, and losses in previous search engine optimization and pay per click efforts. Discuss what you liked and disliked about other internet marketing service providers.

SEO Tasks

Develop A Plan To Increase The Site’s Overall SEO And Make Suggestions To Improve Website For Google Local SEO.
Perform SEO Technical Audit error clean-up.
Perform keyword and competitive research.
Create Local Citation Directory links to improve local SEO to help you rank in Google’s top 3 “map pack.”
Develop Strong Domain Authority Link Building.
Ensure Site Is Mobile-Friendly.
Improve Website Speed, a major Google ranking factor.
Utilize Yoast SEO for proper SEO Meta Titles & Descriptions. Very Important.
Ensure <H1> & <H2> Headers Are Implemented For Best SEO. Very Important.
Submit Sitemap To Google via Google Search Console.
Ensure Images Have Alt-Text Entries And Are Compressed For Speed.
Put into place a WordPress caching system and CSS and Javascript minification plugins.
Ensure site is secure against hackers.
Optimize WordPress database.

SEO Maintenance and Updates

Once a foundation on which to build up your SEO is laid, your website’s authority with Google will increase in 2-3 months and your ranking and traffic will increase. The website and strategy then need upkeep and monitoring.
Continue Executing Website Authority Link Building.
Continuous Status Updates & Rank Reporting.
On Call.
WordPress Plugin Updates.
Google SEO Ranking Reports For Keywords.


Please phone me for a free consultation of my digital marketing services.

Robert Stein

398 Great Swamp Road

Glastonbury, CT  06033

I work on a ten-hour basis retainer for at an hourly rate of $50 whether I manage SEO or AdWords. It will take usually 1-2 weeks to work through the initial ten-hours. There are no locked-in contracts or hidden fees. You may cancel at any time. I know if you feel my efforts are valuable you will continue to retain me.

I can also tutor and mentor do-it-yourselfers and I constantly keep abreast of everything SEO, Google AdWords and Social Media on sites like MOZ, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, SEMrush, WebmasterWorld and many others.


Google AdWords & SEO Services


9 Google SEO & Local SEO Infographics NewFor 2018

Connecticut SEO Consultant

SEO & Local SEO Infographics Will Rank You High In Google

How long does it take to absorb 9 SEO infographics? Don’t rest on your laurels especially in the SEO industry.

Search engine optimization becomes tricky stuck in your old ways and fail to learn the very lated SEO techniques.

Infographics are a tremendous visual and text-based quick learning technique that helps SEO Specialists keep abreast of valuable new SEO methods for local businesses, e-commerce, B2B of B2C.

Google Search Engine Optimization Infographics

Google SEO Schedule and Routine Is SEO a wise investment for your business Advanced SEO Linking Tricks Local SEO For Small Businesses With SEO How Long To Rank In Google Increase Google Visibility With SEO Improvements Local SEO For Google SEO Factors To Rank Better In Google

SEO and Google AdWords – Consulting

Connecticut SEO Consultant | SEO Expert CT


Google AdWords Management and Organic & Local SEO Services

Provided By A Connecticut Consultant


Expert SEO Consulting Services provides the following services:

  • Search Engine Optimization On-Site and Off-Site

Technical SEO Audits

WordPress SEO

WordPress Site Speed


Connecticut-based SEO Consultant with 13 years experience creating and managing Google AdWords accounts, researching keywords & competitors, performing technical SEO audits & fixing errors, and speed-up WordPress websites.



Use my experiences and skills with SEO, WordPress SEO, Local SEO, and other SEM management.

Expert knowledge of pro tools dor SEO including Google Analytics, Search Console, MozPro, SEMrush, Keyword Planner, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Company Profiled, Ahrefs, Spyfu, MOZ, Screaming Frog, and others.


I follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and am able to obtain great results. I  do my best to prioritize and ensure that the most effective and ethical techniques possible are used.

Understand the history of SEO and keep up-to-date on the latest SEO techniques and algorithm changes.

2018 will be an exciting year in the SEO industry. Why?

  • Local SEO is booming. My Local SEO service delivers results in the top 3 map pack for my clients.
  • Google is implementing a “mobile-first” index. This change to Google’s algorithm will favor responsive sites that are fast and look great on a mobile device. 60+% of Google Searches originate from a mobile-device.
  • Google will roll-out a major algorytm change in July dubbed “Speed Update” which will make a website’s speed a very heavily wieghted factor in Google ranking.
  • SCHEMA A coding markup language that allows Google to understand your site better than ever. Google recommends the JSON-D SCHEMA format.
  • WordPress sites need proper SEO with emphasis on Local SEO and submission to of a website  to a citation directory which we a few tweaks of your Google My Businnes page can rank you higher that the organic result if it is included in Google’s”
  • Google’s algorithm factors in 600+ and it changes about 500 times a year.


NEXT STEP: Discuss how much benefits I’ll proved to  your business, achieve your SEM goals, and get your website ranked higher than ever.


I bll $50/hour. No long-term contracts. You may cancel at any time.

Please email or phone me at 860.659.7135.


Core Digital Marketing Skills

  •  Google AdWords Certified
  •  On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Off-Page SEO Optimization
  • Local Citation Directory Expert
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  •  Competitor Research
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

New WordPress, SEO & Blogging [Infographics] 2017

11 Great New WordPress, SEO & Blogging [Infographics] 2017

This post is definitely one you are going to want to spend some time on and share with others.

These infographics look small but contain a vast amount of WordPress, SEO and Blogging information, I spent a lot of time picking these out and reading them thoroughly. Kudos to the makers and sharers you just made learning easier for beginners and SEO geniuses alike!! May need to save to your computer to read some of these in full zoom glory.